Review: Endless Forms Most Gruesome – Endless Forms Most Gruesome

Endless Forms Most Gruesome – Endless Forms Most Gruesome (Inverse Records)

Review by Steve Thomas-Green

If I started to do one word album reviews, for this album, put together by Juuso Raatikainen (Swallow the Sun) and Manne Ikonen (Ghost Brigade), my word of choice would be “Bleak”.

And if I progressed to two letter reviews… “Fucking Bleak”.

But when you produce an album of Doom laden Sludge, with a subject matter dealing with mental health issues, that’s how the fucker is going to turn out.

Joking aside, this is a powerful album. I love the huge wall of Sludgy Doom… which is like Black Sabbath on a killing spree. The big rumble of Doom is there, but it’s slaying everything in its way…

There’s a drop-out in A Thousand Years in Hell, everything stops, bar a fuzzed up bass, which is then followed by thunderous drums… and ok, to some people it might not be much… but to me, it’s a classy time change… sounding very different, but in a similar bracket (quality wise) to the one in Snowblind (from Vol. 4)… and I just love shit like that.

But it isn’t all doom and gloom… some of the guitar work takes on a more majestic style, that would sit quite comfortably in a Death/Doom setting… and at different times, it reminds me of both My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost… admittedly not the most cheerful bands on the planet… so it’s more of a chink of light, emerging from the pitch black gloom….

So not an album to play if you need cheering up, but if you’re looking for something to absorb… to soak in every misery soaked nuance and every anguished growl, then add this one to your list….

As I’ve said already, this album is bleak, fucking bleak…

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